Blogsavvy – your professional blogging consultant

Blogsavvy - your professional blogging consultantDrumroll please… I’d like to introduce a new blog… my new blog to be precise!

Blogsavvy is part a creature of me wanting to write about blogging a lot more, part result of my belief that blogs are here to stay and are capable of making an enormous positive difference in a range of spheres and part me thinking that this might be what I really want to do!

It’s going to be a blog about blogging, about blogging for Education, Business, Communities, a Cause and even for Money.

The business model goes like this… if you’re interested in what I’m writing about and think I know what I’m doing then you can hire me to do blog workshops, assist with developing your blog strategy, come up with and implement blog solutions and even do you some savvy blog design.

incorporated subversion remains by blog, IncSub will remain (and hopefully grow through this) the focus for online education and organisational learning and the free-for-teachers model is never going to end there. But I really really dig blogging, I’ve enjoyed putting Blogtalk Downunder together like you wouldn’t believe and I rather want to do this professionally… perhaps even full time down the road!

And if you could give me a leg up and share a link to the site through your blog, then you’ll be giving me a great start and I’ll love you forever (again :o)