Akismet and bandwidth update

This is interesting, Akismet (short for Automattic Kismet – not that that helps ;) is Matt’s latest venture into the comments spam wars.

It’s new in terms of WordPress plugins because it uses the API key that having a wordpress.com blogs gives and, presumably, develops protection intelligently from there.

Oh, btw, I’ve got 1 invite at the moment which I’ll give to the first person to leave a comment on this post asking for it… although apparently using Flock can also get you on (although I wouldn’t know as I’m not ‘admin’ on this machine, even though I can get admin rights, Flock won’t let me install and Lol doesn’t want me screwing with her PC ;)

Anyway, bandwidth problems aren’t showing any sign of calming down with using a robots.txt file so now I have to figure out how to find the ip range and try and block that through .htaccess instead… wish me luck.