As promised… – free blogs for schools

Well, you know how sometimes you get into a situation where you’re saying “Yes, there should be an edublogs-esque place for students” and “Yes, there should be a dedicated K12 environment for that too” and “Well, yes, I know how to do that”.

Well, that’d be a fair summary of my experience in edtechtalk at lunchtime today and the net result, while all you lazy dudes have been sleeping, is – Free Blogs for Schools.

No special theme yet (although a neat package of 30 themes are there as options) and there are a few ongoing WPMU hiccoughs (like the image thing doesn’t work properly) – but I’ll fix them up next week.

Otherwise, there you go… now learners have a place as well as educators.

(BTW is also on the way for Uni / college students… watch this space – as opposed to that blank one ;)