Am trying to podcast, desperately trying!

I get the principle: you record .mp3 file, blog it and then other people can aggregate it.


Audacity has, for some unknown-to-me reason stopped being able to export .mp3s. I’ve tried everything but it just ‘aint a go :o( [does anyone know any other decent open source .mp3 recorders / encoders]

…Once I have my .mp3 and have uploaded it to the web, how the heck do I make it into an ‘enclosure’ for RSS2.0? Do I just pop in a link and it does it for me or do I need tags?

…I’m trying with Doppler as an aggregator but it doesn’t seem to download anything, ipodder doesn’t seem to work :o(

So, am trying, trying, trying. It’s not that I want to broadcast anything myself, but you can imagine the potential of this for lectures & ‘fireside chats’ (as I’m working on with a Law academic) as students just leave their ipods or whatever’s hooked up to the net, pop out in the car, to the gym or wherever and their lectures are all there ready for them… pretty cool no?

But then I have been kinda wrong about the potential level of interest in audio before ;o)

And BTW I think someone should mention Ed Radio to all those shouting about the uniqueness of combining RSS and audio!!!

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  1. Hi! I just read that you can’t get Doppler to work for you. Can I help? ;-) I’m the developer.

  2. James you need to have the LAME encoder for audacity to export mp3, (audacity on its own won’t export mp3) there are a few versions, maybe search for ‘winLAME-rc3-full.exe’ or ‘lame-mp3-encoder-win32.exe’

    or maybe you already have it, but audacity forgot where it is? If you’ve reinstalled things somehow?

    (oh now i re-read the comments you had that worked out already sorry)

    (yes, i reckon audio will get much more important once we work out how to keep file sizes small, stream conversation on boards, blogs etc. Voice carries so much more identity than text!

    Goldwave does mp3 recording/exporting – it’s a shareware if you can still get hold of the trial version.
    regards, michael

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