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[I would’ve posted this as a comment to Michael’s piece if the comment login procedures didn’t make me groan so ;o)]

Interesting view on Robodemo over at e-Literate, apparently it’s absolutely pants when it comes to interactivity which doesn’t surprise me as when we’ve tried to do ‘fancy’ things such as mouse movements, scrolling, full motion etc. it’s been rubbish at them too.

The one thing it does do well is make it very easy to put audio to a series of screen shots to simply create a ‘show ‘n tell’ type thing (and thankfully that’s what we’re using it for) but I’d agree with Michael that I’m waiting and hoping for Captivate to fix a lot of things and pop in some new stuff that works well!

One of my theories as to why this hasn’t got the greatest, say, PowerPoint rendition is that Breeze does that so well that Macromedia may not want to shift the attention away from the real $ spinner… could well be wrong there though.

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  1. I’ve fooled around with Captivate a little bit and I’m impressed. I’ve used Camtasia, which I like a lot, but there are interactive elements in Captivate that Camtasia just doesn’t have.


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