.mp3 here

Thanks to Mira who suggested CDex for ripping the .mp3 from the Audacity .wav :o)

So here’s a test .mp3 file, me testing podcasting and talking about a possible use [link removed for anonymity purposes].

And just for luck I’ll try and see if we get some auto enclosure tags too:

Might have worked… still can’t get Doppler working and have to go home, am I on the right track?

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  1. You mention an interest in creating an RSS feed with the podcast included. To do that, you need to put a link to the podcast audio file as an enclosure within the item. Luckily, it was mentioned just yesterday on the iPodder-devel list that the newest builds of WordPress seem to do just that. Hopefully we’ll see a new release of WP soon with that capability built in!

  2. Works really well as a link in Net News Wire Lite. I think this has lots of potential :-)
    Ed Radio is good too. Interesting to hear your voice – I’ve been reading the blog for ages.

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