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I’m having lots of fun pushing Drupal around over at the incsub association and my latest post there is a bit of an “I want” / wishlist thing regarding groups (enterprising Drupal), blogs and wikis… here’s one of them:

“-I want to be able to create ‘groups’ – that is, if I have an undergraduate group of, say, 300 (not uncommon at all!) I want to have one central area and 10 ‘group areas’ which moreorless have the same functionality as the central area but which exist relatively autonomously (having been created by the one Drupal site and sustained by the same database).”

This and the wikifarm possibilities for PmWiki are the things that are getting me excited at the moment :O)

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  1. Yeah, this is one of those things I’m surprised doesn’t get done more often. It just seems so obviously a good thing; we actually had this in CourseForum from the beginning. Each course is basically its own wiki, and within that, you can create any number of so-called projects, which are their own wiki area suitable for a group project. You can choose different authentication schemes, its easy to link between the main course wiki and the group project wikis, and the instructor for the main course has full access to all the projects.

  2. Your multisite hosting with a single Drupal approach has been in the works for quite awhile, and will be in the next version of Drupal. The above link also contains a patch to apply to Drupal 4.5 if you want the functionality now.

    And for some folks, sharing database tables accross multiple Drupal installs was enough for them.

  3. And I know how good Courseforum is, seriosuly… people should give it a look if even the thought of wikis and LMSs comest to mind, don’t fancy open sourcing it do you ;o)

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