The Edublog Awards Nominations Closing Friday (& How would you like to vote?)

The Edublog Awards nominations close Friday so get in there and nominate away, for me this part isn’t so much about nominating ‘the best of the best’ but people who deserve to be in the categories and get some recognition… a lot of people are commenting that they’re getting introduced to a heap of good blogs through this so the more you can facilitate that, tha’ better!

Does anyone have an opinion about how the voting should run at the other end, I’ve stated before that I think you should be able to vote for as many people as you want to but obviously not for one person in a particular category more than once… so there needs to be some kind of authentication… but I’m not keen on using a PHP survey tool… and the current nominations thing is a bit too open & unwieldy… are there any really cool & free poll sites we could use, or should we try and keep it all in the site?

Whaddya reckon?