Enclosures in WordPress = WP Podcasting!

If I was Dave Winer I’d say “bing” or something like that. But I’m not so I’ll just say hurrah Stigmergic “first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win” Web posts a great run-down on adding enclosures to WP… Am currently enjoying the latest D’Arcy podcast (funky intro BTW)… lordy, at this rate I may start doing ’em meself ;O)

I totally agree with you D’Arcy that we should be making the most of our f2f time… but sometimes taking notes is a good way to use that time and people like, ahem, me just don’t tend to do that in any depth at home (unless we really want to :O)

And on the Drupal front, I agree that the URLS are pants, although I reckon that they need to look at the fundamental flexibility of design / customisation of the blogging spaces first / at the same time.

Still if you fancy a bit of collaboration on that front I’d be MORE than happy, come and have a play around in the incsub association to see how it could be done (and for some notes on other drupalisms like Books).

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  1. I’m not to sure I understand your first sentence. Enclosure have been in word press for a bit now. Yes it been in the CVS version but it has been there. I know of at least 1 person who has been using them for more then a month and I myself have just started to use them in my word press blog. The enclosures are quite stable and the CVS version are not to bad to handle at all.

    http://www.kevindevin.com = wp podcasts for more then a month now

  2. Had fun messing around with GarageBand for the intro. Was going for a relaxed jazzy kinda thing. Not completely happy with it, but it will give me something to play with over the weekend ;-)

    I’ve been meaning to try out the WordPress 1.3 version from CVS, but haven’t had the mental bandwidth to go through an install at the moment (and 1.2.1 + the enclosures hack works fine for now)

  3. Thanks for the hurrah, James. But I have to point out that I didn’t write the mods for putting enclosures in WP, I just found a tool that worked and passed the message on to others. Just following the Tao of Blogging! ;^)

    Randy, the zip file with the mods you will need are found at http://www.ipportunities.nl/wordpress/index.php?p=49 and my instructions for how to install them (or at least how I installed them) are at http://stigmergicweb.org/index.php/archives/2004/11/25/adding-enclosures-to-wordpress

  4. You do know that Drupal has an url aliasing feature in path.module which works directly when adding/editing a post?

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