Edublog Awards – Nominations closed… voting beginning…

Phew, well thanks to everyone who nominated and spread the Edublog Awards word , being not exactly au fait with survey technology I’ve set up the voting through the incsub drupal site, the incsub association.

You can vote by going to the polls page, here.

Or by going to the categories individually:

* Best Individual Blog
* Best overall group blog
* Best resource sharing blog
* Best Research Based Blog
* Best blogged paper(s)
* Best designed & most beautiful blog
* Best technology meets pedagogy blog
* Best use of weblogs within teaching and learning
* Best Newcomer (2004)
* Best Librarian Blog

Unfortunately html or urls > html didn’t seem to work with the polls… sorry!

Voting closes a week today (10th December 00.00 GMT), go for your lives :D

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