Perth & commenting on polls & The Eddies Graphic

G’day from Double “U” A.

Am in Perth today and the University is sooo beautiful! No net connection at the hotel :o( but am on wireless in the sponsors tent which is nice. Workshop this afternoon (gulp) and presentation tomorrow (double gulp)… I was toying with the idea of keeping notes on a separate blog but on reflection I’d rather give myself a bit more discipline and post here, keeping everything in one place.

The excellent John Hibbs has picked up on the fact that you can comment on polls in the Eddies by telling us who he’s voting for and why. I like this, it’s a great way of humanising this choose & click process & I’d encourage anyone who wants to comment to register and do so, tell us who you’re voting for & why!

One more thing, can anyone think up a funky graphic for the winners / nominees, I like calling this the ‘Eddies’, so I guess it’d be an ‘Eddy’ (which reminds me of a friend back at Uni :o)