How to migrate from Ning to BuddyPress

Gotta say, I’m completely amazed at the brilliant WPMU DEV turnaround speed and comprehensive goodness of this!

(nothing to do with me either, I’ve been out stuck at airports most of the weekend)

But check out the unreal new Ning to BuddyPress plugin now on offer at WPMU DEV.

Of course, this follows the news that Ning has culled free networks, if you really are interested in forming, sustaining and developing a great network (that you actually own!)… BuddyPress is a great place to start :)

Education technology marketing / sales consultants / firms?

Anyone know any great education technology marketing / sales consultants?

Looking for firms / people that can assist in helping us drive up Campus sales – can be by direct means or not.

And / or people / companies who’d like to act represent us on commission / other terms.

This is definitely the year that I want Edublogs Campus to become a huge hit… we’ve got a brilliant functionality / backend technology / support thing going on and I reckon we’re ready for the mainstream!

Any help in finding the right people / firms would be mucho appreciated!

(am also tryingto set a record for the number of ///s on one post :)