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XSort : free Mac based card sorting software

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XSort is a free Mac OSX based card sorting software for the user experience and IA professionals. Neat!

UltraTekCorp Exercise


  1. Visual environment simulating a table with cards (and outline view)
  2. Supports open, semi-open and closed exercises
  3. Supports sub-groups (participants can put groups inside groups)
  4. Control every aspect of the exercise (sorting type, cards placement, etc.)
  5. Statistical results (cluster tree, distance table, etc.) updated in real time
  6. Displays individually all the info related to an individual session
  7. Easily select the sessions you want to use based on different criteria
  8. Create, read, print and export reports with a single click
  9. Lock the document so that a participant may do only one session
  10. Fully integrated with Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC-based Macs)

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September 22nd, 2008 at 9:07 am

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