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  • The 2009 WordPress MU and BuddyPress Plugin Contest... is now open! This follows on from the very successful 2008 contest, and we're stumping up a cool $1000 to the prize pool for the winners! Only conditions are that you write your announcement post on (host your plugin anywhere) and that your plugin is GPL.

  • Anyone know any great education technology marketing / sales consultants? Looking for firms / people that can assist in helping us drive up Campus sales - can be by direct means or not. And / or people / companies who'd like to act represent us on commission / other terms. This is definitely the year that I want Edublogs Campus to become a huge hit... we've got a brilliant functionality / backend technology / support thing going on and I reckon we're ready for the mainstream! Any help in finding the right people / firms would be mucho appreciated! (am also tryingto set a record for the number of ///s on one post :)

  • Good news, BarCamp Melbourne has a WordCamp group. Although it does look like they could do with a few of our new BuddyPress Themes :) Not sure if I'll be able to make it - but it looks like it'll be fun!

  • Or how about WordPress MU + bbPress + BuddyPress plus every WPMU DEV Premium plugin and theme we offer? Well, guess what, now you can starting from only US$95 at WP.MU :)