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  • Ugh, unbelievable that Google is promoting content up the rankings, yuk. Insightful commentary from John Andrews and Aaron Wall.

  • Well, here's something that I think/hope you'll like - professional custom installation of WordPress MU for a fraction of the price and time that you might think it would take. It's been a while in the making, I can tell you, but I'm hoping that it saves a lot of people time, money and stress - and brings some joy in the process!

  • Update: They very kindly refunded the extra orders - it would have been nice if they'd done it when we asked (and I hadn't had to write this) but hey, you can't really say fairer than that. Oh dear, we were hoping that The Book Depository might be able to stand up to Amazon but alas no - misordering, dodgy records, double charging you and then expecting you to pay postage back (from Au to the UK for their mistakes!!!)... and as for customer support - a single line or so. So yeh, keep your custom with the big A I'm afraid. Lets see if this posts helps any.

  • Sue's setting up some amazing live web events at Edublogs. Best of all though, they're not all about Edublogs, and are open to anyone :) So if you wanna try creating movies with Photopeach, funny avatars or avoiding the pitfals of student blogging - these could well be for you :)

  • A brief analysis by me as to whether or not is a good use of the domain, way of giving back or what the WP folks have at their disposal. Would be interested in your thoughts.

  • A while back I figured it was really about time that I started thinking about and understanding SEO - and, like most people, I went into it with my spurs and 10 gallon-er firmly in place expecting to find mucho dodgyness. However, I've been proved very, very wrong.

  • We've got a little experiment going over at - if you're keen on BuddyPress but want that certain extra BuddyPress theme or plugin, just write about it (in any format) and link to the post and we'll seriously consider it for future free & premium releases! If it works out we'll do the same for some other WPMU stuff so spread the word!

  • A recent WordPress side project that Lol and I put together was Nyora Studio's new site - the best place to find life drawing in Melbourne classes and workshops. Lots of gallery fun :)

  • It's been a devastating, horrific, tragic weekend just around the corner from where we live. Donation details are here - me, I'm going to find a Myers store and stuff a great deal in as they are matching $ for $ donations made in their stores.

  • I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the LTL podcast last week and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You can catch me sharing my wisdom around here :)

  • Check out the all new audio and video comments facility at Edublogs. Powered by Riffly - I like it 'cos it's so darn simple to use (no registration / login / configuration required). Anyway, go leave a comment, or chuckle at mine.

  • Yeh, I know I'm not actually American, or even in the States, and technically it's the day after... but what the heck, this stuff is catching.