Haven’t posted one of these for a while… ever possibly!

Is anyone noticing Google Reader having a slow couple of days?

I wish there was an A A Gill feed I could subscribe to.

Blogs.mu reaches 2000 sites in its first week – exciting – and yet still not enough to avoid the personal post launch slump!

Am looking forward to giving Edublogs and Campus some serious loving come school holidays (edublogs for academoc year 09- 10 is gonna rock your house).

And WPMU DEV, WPMU DEV Premium, WP.MU and WPMU.org of course…

Am suffering twitter confusion – love / hate / annoyance and the feeling that I should actually use my account :/ Then again, it feels similar to the ‘I should get a mac’ emotion – which is definitely a false lead.

Am returning to the desktop – for the office… my 3rd 24″er is gonna arrive with it too happy i7 multi panel fun!