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  • Gotta say, I'm completely amazed at the brilliant WPMU DEV turnaround speed and comprehensive goodness of this! (nothing to do with me either, I've been out stuck at airports most of the weekend) But check out the unreal new Ning to BuddyPress plugin now on offer at WPMU DEV. Of course, this follows the news that Ning has culled free networks, if you really are interested in forming, sustaining and developing a great network (that you actually own!)... BuddyPress is a great place to start :)

  • Our new Anti Splog plugin for WPMU is upsetting the day of quite a few sploggers over at Edublogs... and they are taking the time to write in about it and tell us :D Bear in mind they have all been manually submitted, by manual sploggers, to us, so that we might un-ban their blog. Here's my favourite: "this is not a spam, i’m just posting about a weight loss program!"

  • The 2009 WordPress MU and BuddyPress Plugin Contest... is now open! This follows on from the very successful 2008 contest, and we're stumping up a cool $1000 to the prize pool for the winners! Only conditions are that you write your announcement post on (host your plugin anywhere) and that your plugin is GPL.

  • Anyone know any great education technology marketing / sales consultants? Looking for firms / people that can assist in helping us drive up Campus sales - can be by direct means or not. And / or people / companies who'd like to act represent us on commission / other terms. This is definitely the year that I want Edublogs Campus to become a huge hit... we've got a brilliant functionality / backend technology / support thing going on and I reckon we're ready for the mainstream! Any help in finding the right people / firms would be mucho appreciated! (am also tryingto set a record for the number of ///s on one post :)

  • Good news, BarCamp Melbourne has a WordCamp group. Although it does look like they could do with a few of our new BuddyPress Themes :) Not sure if I'll be able to make it - but it looks like it'll be fun!

  • Or how about WordPress MU + bbPress + BuddyPress plus every WPMU DEV Premium plugin and theme we offer? Well, guess what, now you can starting from only US$95 at WP.MU :)

  • Catch the first part of a very enjoyable and frank interview I did with Thord of the Blog Herald here - lots of WPMU stuff for ya to get your teeth into.

  • We're looking for an Edublogs Campus Sales Manager to join the Edublogs crew... you can be based wherever suits, work whatever hours you like, get involved in marketing and product development at Edublogs and make a sizeable packet while you are at it :) Here's the position description for download - share it with your friends and there's a $250 finders fee if they turn out to be the successful candidate.

  • Bloody iPhone 3.0 has just completely bricked (restore broken) my 3g... it wasn't even jailbroken, just plain ol' vanilla :(

  • Check out or new affiliate programs for WP.MU and WPMU DEV Premium. Refer us just one BuddyPress + bbPress + WPMU install and we'll send you 33% of the fee - that's $97.35... not bad huh! Oh, and did I mention that you can now get BuddyPress installation at WP.MU :)

  • To celebrate the revamp of the new WPMU DEV Premium site we're going a bit WPMU crazy this week, including releasing a new theme/plugin every day this week (today it's a great bbpress theme) and serializing the WPMU Manual (which is otherwise only available for Premium members). Today you can get started with choosing a domain name / hosting platform and setting up your MySQL database and user.

  • In case you're wondering what I've been up to the last few weeks, hopefully the new look WPMU DEV Premium will do the explaining for me :) There are now extra WordPress MU plugins, better support forums, an all new wpmu jobs board and information on things like Premium BuddyPress plugins. And... everything on there is now GPL!

  • Haven't posted one of these for a while... ever possibly!

  • Told you I had some exciting news didn't I :) Go check out, and, for a bit more information there's an interview with me on Problogger, an article about site in Mashable and one in Inquisitr too. Or you can catch an informal technical lowdown at Fun!

  • Two good articles today on catering to the free, or not. The Guardian's The end of the age of free and SEO Book's Who's opinion matters, from which it is worth sharing: