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  • We've just released what should definitely now be regarded as the World's best WordPress SEO Plugin, for free, at! Hence this post, as it'd be lovely if more folk got to find it :) What's it got in it, well, it's pretty hot, just for a start, there's: Sitemap generation Automatic Title and Meta optimization Automatic link-generation [how cool is that!] Support for custom post types Multisite support Unlimited items in sitemaps Custom keywords recognition and rewriting Easy access to SEOMoz urlmetric reports Unlimited Title and Meta optimization values Hear that bit about SEOMoz  metrics, pretty neat huh... not only does it set your site up, but it then analyzes how well you're doing. Anyway, enjoy and download here.

  • And, for the moment at least ;). here's the final featured new plugin offered over at WPMU DEV. The rather fantastic - something you've always wanted - WordPress Chat Plugin! What does this plugin do, well it: Allows you to have as many live chat sessions on as many pages or posts of your site as you want Allows login by registered users of your blog, the general public, Twitter or Facebook Provides you with 'bottom corner' chat to engage visitors to your site Keeps, and publishes, full and complete logs And much, much more So go check it out, I reckon you'll be impressed.

  • Then, hot on the tails of our spanking new WordPress ecommerce plugin we've also got an rather brilliant new plugin simply called, WordPress Membership. And what does it do I hear you ask... well, quite simply it allows you to set up a fully functional paid members site, using WordPress, in no time at all! So, say - for example - you wanted to start up a site where you offered live tutorials (maybe using the WordPress Chat Plugin!) or pre-recorded videos or simply learning materials and ebooks - you could set that up within literally minutes of having installed this plugin. And, perhaps most importantly, it comes with a  fully featured subscription service via PayPal - which allows you to provide an ongoing service to ongoing paying users! Bit to be honest, that's barely scratching the surface of what this plugin is capable of... there are an almost infinite number of different levels possible, including free ones, coupon systems, wordpress affiliate integration and a heap more good stuff too. For more info there's even a neat video: Enjoy!

  • First up, we've got the absolutely stunning 'one plugin to rule them all' WordPress ecommerce plugin, MarketPress. What does MarketPress do? Well what doesn't it do! First up it's 100% BuddyPress ready, right from the start. Then it's fully ready with, PayPal and 2CO payment gatewyas... with new ones coming all the time. And perhaps best of all, it's also Multisite ready... so you can start a network of online stores, and take a % share of the proceeds from all of them! How cool is that :) Start your own Etsy, Shopify or even, dare I say it, eBay! And, of course, we're improving and developing it all the time :) So, for all your WP ecommerce needs, give MarketPress a try!