Impressions of presentations & paths

I’m currently sitting in an all day session listening to online fellows (academics who have been given a one year – 1 day a week plus $$$s to explore teaching and learning online) and this morning is spent listening so I thought I’d record some thoughts here. This afternoon I’m facilitating / adding a bit to presentations, gulp, am especially looking forward to sharing our podcasting plans with an audience that includes, in the front row as I type, the memo sender! Tum te tum.

It’s interesting that when designers /developers try to guide people like heck through material they go and find there own way. This reminds me of a story someone told me about the path system at a Uni nearby, apparently when the new campus was built they didn’t put down any paths, just grass, and then a year later they looked at the worn out trails and said, ‘let’s put paths there’ … nice :o)


Am just going to try to upgrade to 1.2.1… hopefully this won’t be too horrible…. apologies for any reprinted RSS feeds or alike.


Haven’t looked at it in any great detail but I wonder if Reger might be an alternative starting point to Blogger. The thing I worry most about is setting people up using services that then fold & disappear (something I guess Blogger is less likely to do).


Wow, via Edblogger Praxis comes a VERY VERY VERY interesting project, Weblogs@UPEI.

Now what is making me jump up and down about this is that they are using Drupal to provide a system similar to the one set up by Dave Winer at Harvard.

Now I think Manilia is visionary and I wouldn’t be here without Radio but at the same time I find some of the interfaces very clunky and, more importantly, just don’t have the cash… so if I could do this with Drupal… wow… I’ve asked if they could share it with us and have subscribed to the Beat Blog (here’s the unadvertised feed)

D’Arcy Podcasting

Have been making notes on D’Arcy’s experiences with podcasting as he experiments with podcasting using WordPress – looking good :o) He’s posted a good run off of some possible uses of it in education too, I’m looking forward to getting really stuck into this with the ‘fireside chats’ an exceptionally interesting academic I’m working with is doing.

Just read that it’s received a pretty high level of interest too, very promising, now if we could figure out how many of those have been accessed by the web and how many podcaught?

Aaron has also got some excellent ideas about possible uses of podcasting in EFL (ahhhhh, sometimes I wish I’d never left teaching overseas students English… seriously… I kinda get to do it vicariously though, in a way :o)

[update: Roland posts a fantastic summary of podcasting discussions at Bloggercon]