I’m an absolute loser, I can hardly get through a single email without writing ‘the’ as ‘teh’.

I reckon if you add it up, over a month or so I probably spend hours correcting myself after the fact.

So… I did a bit of searching and came up with this brilliant application called Texter.

It instantly (if so set) changes every typo back to its correct form, across all applications. Windows only though at the moment :)

4 replies on “Teh”

  1. Hi James,
    i recently found texter too! Then i looked further, and discovered the program that Adam used to create texter (called AutoHotKey) .. very nice!

    (i had some problem with Texter i think .. it took over some other hotkeys.)
    i wrote more about it over there (in the link under my website above :)

    hope you’re well,
    kind regards, michael

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