Simple email subscription comes to edublogs

We’ve just introduced a new feature to edublogs, simple email subscription.

All you have to do is drag the ‘Email Subscription’ widget to your sidebar (or sidebar of choice) and readers will automatically be able to easily subscribe to your blog by email (and manage their subscriptions to any edublogs blog)

It’s not ‘official’ yet (will make a splash in about it next week) so if anyone wants to have a look at it, test it, share any ideas they might have or generally fool aroudn with it… and let us know how you go… that’d be much appreciated!

You can leave any feedback below or on the forums.

5 replies on “Simple email subscription comes to edublogs”

  1. Thank you, James! It’s just a heck of a lot easier to bring teachers into the blogosphere via email than RSS feeds. I’m headed to my blogwalker site right now:-)


  2. Cool, can you let me know how you find it / if it works OK for you.

    It doesn’t have heaps of features, just enough we hope.

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