If you do me one favour this year…

… vote for Tessa Farmer in The Times/The South Bank Show Breakthrough Award!

Vote for Tessa

You can vote here… you do have to be a registered timesonline user but I promise that the registration isn’t too time consuming :)

And naturally, you shouldn’t just vote for her cos she’s my sister, she also happens to be the most talented of the bunch:

“Farmer creates a reflection in miniature of our society. She shows us its fragility and its ferocity, its poetry and its repulsion, its beauty and its brutality. Damien Hirst did something like this with his dead animals. But if Hirst is Francis Bacon in 3-D then Farmer is probably Albrecht Dürer. ” [from the article]

And you have my solemn oath this is the one favour I’ll ask of you for the next 12 months so go support Tess!

10 replies on “If you do me one favour this year…”

  1. Well, you could always use the hypothetical remaining one to email your friends and ask them to vote for her to :)

  2. Thankyou bruvva! Much appreciated!
    Have a lovely christmas day!
    Tezza xxxx

  3. I would vote for you, but I have no idea what this is about.

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