Say howdy to Edublogs Supporter

Big day at Edublogs… we’ve just launched Edublogs Supporter (announcement post here).

I’ve never been a fan of donations, for a whole heap of reasons, and I hope this treads the line between purchasing extra features and supporting the site. Basically, existing users (or new ones :) can purchase an upgrade to ‘Supporter’ which gives them some neato extra features (massive Twitter integration, FeedBurner automation, blog post versioning and more…) and also respect and listing as a Supporter of Edublogs on the front page (we select 10 random Supporters every hour).

And we’ll be adding lots more, hopefully based on requests!

Of course the free feature-set will continue growing (we’ve got some very nice plans regarding stats and other elements) but this is aiming to be the icing on the cake of that, and something that will allow us to carry on and even accelerate improvements across the site.

Whaddya reckon? Sound like a good plan?