More Edublogs stuff than you can take in one hit. Yet still, apparently, it is not enough…

Support for 34 different languages.

Brand new global tagging feature – check this out for example.

3 Gig of upload space now available (existing subscribers already upgraded)

New themes and widgets.

Copyright protection for RSS feeds.

The Edublogger rocking out (go Sue!)

Edublogs Campus becoming cheaper every day (if you’re not in the US… in which case it’s the same price).

Even more new and exciting stuff coming v. soon too!

And yet, for some reason, we’re not cool for Open Courseware… even though we offer themes like CommentPress for essays and the ideal platform to share, brilliant education focussed support and, even if I do say so myself, some much nicer themes alongside much more extensive functionality… and we won’t even insert sneaky adsense into your material.

C’mon guys… what do we have to do next!

3 replies on “More Edublogs stuff than you can take in one hit. Yet still, apparently, it is not enough…”

  1. Actually James,

    Edublogs is without a doubt the coolest service out there, and your work with themes, plugins, and vision for a scalable business model has been exemplary. I think using edublogs as OpenCourseWare has been going on for a long while (even if not “officially”) makes total sense and certainly isn’t precluded by David Wiley’s example. Come to think of it, open education is exactly what the community you’ve created is doing on a daily basis without all the repositories :)

    But I’m preaching to the WPMu master now, so I’ll pipe down. Btw, how comfortable are you with allowing spamming plugins like WP-o-Matic, out of curiousity :)

  2. @Stephen I’m just getting sniffy about getting edu press :)

    @Jim we’ve got something so much better than wp-o-matic coming your way soon, a little less spammy though.

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