Rubbish Optus Cable Internet

Well, Richard’s fix got over the ridiculous Optus cable internet issues we’ve been having accessing international sites… until this morning when, oops, it got turned off.

So, back to direct connections I went, and sure enough, come 12:30PM (for 30-40 minutes) pretty much every international site I’ve tried to access is unaccessible (including gmail – gah) and now the workaround isn’t getting me there either.

I’ve also now contacted them 3 times, and heard absolutely nothing through either their support or actual complaints lines (for which they guarantee a response!!!)

Each time I provided ping details, information and a cry for help… from a customer that uses them for 2 mobile, a landline and their most expensive residential net connection… but nothing seems to have come of it.

Anyway, I give up, iinet here I come and so should anyone else who actually wants to have a stable international net connection.

Update: If you’re having the same issue try switching your auto proxy config to (instead of which might have fixed it for me. Still absolutely rubbish… let’s see if they bother to respond to my 3rd (or is it 4th?) support ticket.

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  1. I switched from Unwired to an iiNet Naked setup the other day.

    It’s been pretty sweet so far but it’s hard to make reasonable comparisons when the old connection was 512kbps and the new one seems to hit just under 21000kbps.

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