I absolutely love this

I’ve gotta say, first looks at the new admin design made me freak out a bit but in actual use WordPress 2.5 is so very very nice it makes me smile. It’s like the iTouch of blogging aps, so full of beautiful detail that I’m, yet again, counting my blessings that I’ve build my entire professional life at the moment entirely around this gorgeous thing.

I mean yeh there are all the big new elements which rock (galleries etc.) but these other things really show some love …

  • I love the extra links next to log out
  • The extra level of tabs where Dashboard is (not to mention the new dashboard, how much are we gonna enjoy dashboard widgets!)
  • Splitting Manage / Options into Manage / Settings and putting settings over on the right is just plain sensible
  • Comments-in waiting (and the calendar icons) are just lovely
  • Making the uploader an optional click is about the best thing I could think of for so many many reasons
  • Tag suggestion is a nice touch

Cannae wait to implement this on Edublogs – people are gonna freak out!