Edmodo – let battle commence :)

Maybe I’m just old fashioned – or slack – but I’ve never got the ‘private beta’ model.

It’s just that IMPO you should be able to release something with a level of simplicity that means you can just roll it out in public from day 1.

So usually I just ignore ’em… but how could I with Edmodo (via TechCrunch – new goal for year, get Edublogs on TC :)

Not only because I like the ‘Twitter for Education’ idea – but also because from Jeff’s blog:

“Edmodo is the brain child of Nic Borg (my partner) and I and we envision this company to be the premier provider of free web 2.0 tools (boy I hate that name) for Teachers, Students, Parents, and Schools.”

Hang on, that’s our plan too!

Anyway, if you’re reading this Jeff and want to let me in to have a look / play that’d be ace… I promise not to break anything ;)

4 replies on “Edmodo – let battle commence :)”

  1. James, thanks for writing about edmodo. I definately don’t see us in battle, there’s plenty of space for everybody here :) I would love for you to check out edmodo, we can talk off the blog and I can give you access to our demo. e-mail me at jeff<>edmodo.com .

    This post has me thinking that edmodo and edublogs can work together, edmodo widget for edubogs? We’ll talk more in private.

    One thing is for certain, we need more web 2.0 tools for education.


  2. Hi Jeff, Nice pick up – 2 hours on a weekend – I’ll pop you an email and we can work out how to divide the spoils between us ;)

  3. Well, as I now am in edmodo alpha (thanks steve!), I have to say that edublogs + edmodo = brilliant :-)

    Now where do I fit in here? Official tweeter?

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