CommentPress in action on Edublogs

Have been browsing around looking for a good example of an blogger using CommentPress in action on Edublogs and lo and behold, check this out.

The Biology Space is actually not using the main CP skin but rather their ‘blog’ version (which we also provide :) and I really like the way that it allows for paragraph-based commenting outside in this format – see this post for a great example.

Rock on!

5 replies on “CommentPress in action on Edublogs”

  1. that’s my AP Biology class’ blog you’re looking at. :) Glad you enjoyed! I wanted my students to be able to comment on stories I’ve posted. I also wanted them to be able to reply to each other’s comments as sort of an online dialogue in an academic forum. It has been a really good teaching and learning tool for my kids.

  2. Thanks for providing this space for educators to host virtual instructional spaces. It’s really valuable and helps us to reach more kids this way.

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