Another big new Edublogs feature – forums

Yeh yeh, I know I bag out forums as the root of all evil in online teaching and learning… but not when they’re used in the right way, and as an element (certainly not the main one) of an environment.

So, as evidence of my balanced and completely non OTT perspective on these things, we gives ya forums for all Edubloggers.

Basically this means that every Edublog can now set up and host forums within their blog – on posts or pages – and I think it’s rather neat.

Sure, there are some improvements we can make to it (and we will!) but doesn’t this add another rather decent element for poeple wanting to use their blog to manage an online learning experience…

Here’s a 3 minute ‘tute of how it works…

Setting up an Edublogs forum

Oh, and we’ve made open to students as well as teachers now… so new accounts on uniblogs, learnerblogs and eslblogs have been disabled (but the sites themselves will remain live indefinitely). Another day, another biggie at Edublogs!

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