What laptop?

OK then, I’m in the market for a new laptop. And yep, as I’m an uber-non-cool Windows user it’s all decisions decisions…

It’s going to live on a desk most of the time, need a decent display (bigger the better really) and doesn’t need to have any souped up game specs.

But I’d still like it to be, y’know, kinda powerful, decent HD, all the trimmings etc.

Only limitation is that it can’t be a Dell (configuring a Dell has to be the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through).

Any suggestions?

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  1. I knew that’d be the first comment :)

    I know this is gonna sound silly but as the vast majority of Edublogs users / clients are on Windows I kinda have to be on the same wavelength as them… and I know Windows… and it’ll be hard… and excuses, excuses…

  2. If you can’t go Mac, go Vaio. Sony are a little more expensive but they have pretty machines that tend to be really reliable. I’ve had two over the last six years – both really good.

    Also, belated Happy Birthday!

  3. James, I bought a new laptop about 18 months ago, and 2 new desktops in the last 3 months, all Windows machines. All three times I hesitated in buying a Mac, but after spending the last few months around Mac users, I will make that my next purchase, especially of a laptop. With parallels running it really is 3 (and more) operating systems in one.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with Dell – it sure does seem to be a mixed bag with them. That’s what I would have recommended to you – I’ve owned a number, never had a problem at all, found them to be good value for money and reliable. But I know there are others who feel strongly against that.

    If you can afford it the Vaios are beautiful machines, the closest we get in the PC world to the Mac, but not cheap, at least not over here.

  4. Thanks guys, two for Vaio two for Macs… that’s not a bad recommendation.

    My main issues with Dell have been around Bluetooth / Wireless configs – an absolute nightmare ‘cos it insists on running non-windows apps which I can’t hack at. Otherwise god value machines but I was happier with the last couple of Acers than I have been with them.

  5. I’m a mac guy so I’d vote for a mac too. If you really need windows for anything you could run VMware’s Fusion for pc virtualization. The beta is free and supposedly it’s really good. I don’t run it myself but my friend does.

    My PC friends have told me that Sony’s customer service is abysmal and the Vaio’s are nice machines when you don’t get a dud. Mostly the PC people I know vote say that Thinkpads are good.

  6. Went with A Vaio in the end – and am kinda liking it – I’ll save the Mac for when I need a new toy…

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