Losing my wisdom

I’ll be a little incommunicado over the next few days as am having all 4 (yes, that’s four) of my Wisdom teeth pulled, oucha.

Having said that, my Nan had the whole set tugged out in her twenties – prevention being better than a cure and all that – so I’m feeling kinda lucky in some ways.

See you on the other side.

7 replies on “Losing my wisdom”

  1. Didn’t you just turn 30? You are lucky you didn’t wait longer or you would have been even longer in the tooth.

  2. Ouch! When I had mine pulled, the strangest sensation was that as the one on the left was pulled, I felt a tugging on the tooth on the right. Quite strange! Relax for it, it’s really not too bad. Look forward to hearing you are up and running soon!

  3. Thankfully I was entirely under – although I feel like I’ve had my ears talking / as opposed to grunting is entirely out of the question! Thanks for the comments guys :)

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