Searching for decent FTP Sync software

A request for help!

Am looking for a decent FTP synching application for XP (or a dedicated LAMP server) that’ll allow me to keep multiple FTP accounts (let’s say 100 to start with) synchronized with a set of data on my laptop (or said server).

So far (on the XP front)  I’ve found FTP Synchronizer and Multi FTP Sync so will give them a play, if you’ve got ay suggestions please let me know in the comments and I’ll give them a shot and report the results here.

Thanx :)

4 replies on “Searching for decent FTP Sync software”

  1. Gotta tell you Multi FTP Sync is a winner at the moment – it’s got a maximum of 30 sites which is a bit of a pain but I can live with that for the moment no stress!

  2. Got a link? Pity about the 30. One of the softwares we support is up to about 900 installs. We just use a script that someone wrote for me but it has it’s drawbacks.

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