Melbourne tech events need to pull their heads out!

There are a not a great deal of excellent webby get togethers in Melbourne, but there are three that I’ve been to and will probably carry on going to… if they weren’t all on the same frickin night!

Come on guys, this is getting ridiculous… tomorrow is MODM 8, Melbourne’s Twitter meetup and Melbourne Web standards Group (WSG) (featuring me :)

Now, much as the prospect of a cross-CBD geek crawl appeals to me this is patently silly, WTF is so special about the first Thursday of every month?

Anyways, make you’re own mind up which one you want to go to but please heckle the organizers of each to changes their silly dates.




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  1. very cool and laid back tech event… i like events with no ties :) they have the comfortable feeling which makes you pay more attention of the speaker

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