I’ll say it again, CommentPress is on edublogs

Every now and then we get a support request for a ‘CommentPress Plugin’ and we kindly remind them that it’s not a plugin, but a theme, and that it’s already available on edublogs (and all the student sites).

As Alan comments, it’s a ‘slick, elegant, and powerful way to put papers online’ – however, it’s also only available to educators and students who can set up their own WP installs…. unless they come to edublogs where you can get it for absolutely free, without any advertising whatsoever and with plenty of complementary plugins and spam stopping measures built in.

I was actually pretty shocked at the lack of w00t value deploying this initially got… maybe it was just a communication thing… either way it rocks and you can try it out for yourselves at you know where.

Just not late Friday night US time today as we’ll be splitting databases :)

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