EduSpaces bashed by Google?

How odd, just back from a nice break and browsing my stats to see how many hits I’m getting from the new movie (starring Denzel Washington as a much worthier James Farmer than I!) and I noticed that I’m getting quite a few ‘eduspaces’ queries so ran a search on them and, kaboom, there I am at the top… and there’s at, well, about number 60!

Which…. and I’m entering into the lands of wild speculation here (I’m also tired and have had a couple of beers, so could well be completely wrong!) would seem to indicate that google has in some way put the kabosh on them… if not just recently then in the last month or two.

I know all about this having been (I finally figured out) kaboshed by google for WPMU theme packs ;)

So what’s going on here? Just a switch of owners or a dodgy SEO play?

2 replies on “EduSpaces bashed by Google?”

  1. My best guess is that they are under the impression that eduspaces is shutting down, and so are downgrading the search results for them.

    They may have gotten that impression from Eduspaces’s announcement that they are shutting down.

    If there’s an SEO play, it was badly botched.

  2. Actually the results show a lot of sites talking about eduspace’s shutting down. Newer pages found may be pushing that up to the top.

    Maybe putting your link in the meta in the sidebar would be a better place.

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