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  • Four Freedoms
    If this isn’t a pretty effective use of, I don’t know what is.. over 90 comments on some of the posts, great work!
  • IT|Redux » Getting Things Done with Office 2.0
    Worth a shot, I could do with the guidance.. isn’t it funny that we spend so long in education (and especially in HE) learning so very little that will actually benefit us on ‘the other side’. Seriously, one of the best things I could’ve done with being taught, even at Uni, would have been typing!
  • The Dilbert Blog: Respecting the Beliefs of Others
    "Mockery is an important social tool for squelching stupidity. At least that’s what I tell people after I mock them. Or to put it another way, I’ve never seen anyone change his mind because of the power of a superior argument or the acquisition of new facts. But I’ve seen plenty of people change behavior to avoid being mocked."

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  1. Typing was the best class I took in high school. I only took it to hang out with the girls – did get some dates but it was by far the most useful skill I have learned in my entire life.

  2. In my younger days as a professional musician, I was ‘resting’ between gigs and was told, firmly, by my mother, to attend the local office centre in the small town where we lived and learn how to type. Be a dutiful kind of son, I went along day by day and sat, with headphones on, and did the aqa, aqa, aqa thing for hours on end to the accompaniment of a C90 cassette tape. Whilst we still have to make use of this interface, it has definitely been one of the most useful things to learn. Never did quite manage to get the numbers sorted out though! Just too far to reach!

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