Is nothing sacred? Spam and ‘incsub blogs’ (

And there was I thinking that I could preserve the first wonderful moments of getting WPMU to run… I’d rather look on it as endearing naivety than plain ‘dumb’ but as an attempted update died a couple of months ago I had to revert to a backed up version and whaddya know… left the newblog creator in, and now we have a plague of splogs.

So, today I’m backing up the lot of them, and then deleting everything that I don’t know should be kept. At the moment my list of ‘survivors’ are In the Bungelow, Bionic Teacher, Open Your Eyes to China, Plu Runs, and Mr Blake’s ClassBlog… the rest are getting flushed.

Unless of course you know of some that should be saved either as archives or as current projects? Just ping me a list of their urls ( and I’ll posthumously save ’em :)

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  1. Hi James,

    Thanks for saving my blog it has become quite poular with 12000 hits since I put a counter on it in September. It is also helping my running.

    I was wondering what had happened as I noted that the GTANSW blog has gone and I was going to contact you about how to back up Plu_Runs. I don’t mind if you can not find it as my personal blog is much more fun.

    FYI We also now have over 100 Cool Running Bloggers.

    In addition I presented Two workshops at Wenona a gilrs school in North Sydney and have coming up one at the Novotel and more later in Canberra and Orange.

    Is there a way I can back up the blog myself??

    Cheers Martin (plu)

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