subverted links

  • Thomas Winston Thorpe is having an identity crisis
    Memorandum inspired cute-as theme from Thomas with excellent hedgehog riposte. Nice.
  • edu_RSS 0.2
    Just had to link to this, especially because: "It’s just you, your community, and the web, an environment where you are the centre and where your teachers – if there are any – are your peers. It is, I believe, the future – and where, one day, the next generation of Blackboards and WebCTs and Moodles and Sakais will make their mark" But even moreso because it marks the launch of edu_rss 0.2, something that I would dearly like to play with, once I’ve um, learnt Perl.
    Good stuff, important resource.
  • Blogging Places
    This is fascinating but why oh why isn’t there a printable version… come on Kairos!