Sigh, meme alert…

Thanks Robert… I guess it’s Friday – although I’m putting this into winddown.

Four Three Jobs I’ve Had: Counting people getting off buses | Throwing furniture off the top of buildings | A voice-over artiste (!)

Four Three Movies I could watch over and over: Absolutely none of them…

Four Three TV Shows I Love to Watch: ‘Love’… none of theme either.

Four Three Places I’ve Been on Vacation: Chydolk, Apollo Bay, France ;)

Four Three Favourite Dishes: Lots of beef, lots of veggies, lots of wine

Four Three Websites I Visit Daily: Bloglines, Google, The Guardian Unlimited

Bloggers I am Tagging: Anyone with an blog :)

3 replies on “Sigh, meme alert…”

  1. Nice plague, though. Counting people off buses – sounds like a teacher to me!!
    What tagging are you using for edublogs, James? Sounds interesting. Will we have a cloud happening then?

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