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Wow… wish someone would pay me to do more of this but I just took a little more time than usual to scan through the edublogs.org feed and there have been some absolutely great posts going on in there… here’s just a sample.

Knowledging across life’s curriculum has come up with a couple of absolute corkers, Folksonomies…what the heck and Aesthetic data display from which I take the image on the right.

Cerebral odd jobs is getting sitemeter (and other apps) to work in the edublogs.org environment, something that I definitely want to make easier (especially for tools like Flickr!)

A whole bunch ‘o people are doing some great work on Motivation and some Brophy chap :)

Higher learning is doing some seriously odd things with photoshop.

Independent thinking is following the excellent work of Mike Hetherington in using edublogs.org and learnerblogs.org… these guys are pushing the boundaries in a big way!

Bawers 2006 blogs are worth a visit too

And I do like this from Lynsey:

Today I realised I’m making little notes and writing little snippets on my list of things to do pad. It’s not that my life is becoming more organised – really, anything but, however little accumulated marginalia is arriving…interestingly, and as an aside, today is the first day where volume has passed 1,000 hits – 1,290 to be obsessive.

And as for phylogenesis amnesia, well, Knowledge across Life’s Curriculum is blowing my mind (heh).

As are all the great resources that Mrs Gadberry is putting together, Caylan Cook’s take on socializing alienated students and lastly, but not leastly, Hullo’s commentary on freedom and the internet (which I don’t agree with but which is put in such a way that I have to reproduce it here):

I wouldn’t even consider letting kids loose on the internet in a K-12 setting. Even with a dozen filters and Net-Nanny-style programs you never know what might slip through. I’ve ended up in very scary places while looking for (what I thought to be, at least) completely benign info. God knows what a 9th grader who was intentionally trying to find something they shouldn’t would be capable of. It’s about the same thing as dropping a bus load of kids off in the red light district in Amsterdam, handing them a wad of cash and saying “have fun, kids!”

And that’s in just the last 24 hours… phew!

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