Well, admittedly it took me a little longer than the two days promised (whoops) but I’ve got a working draft for up and running at, you guessed it, :)

non scholae

As you’ll be able to see when you visit the only area I’ve paid any attention too is the front (static) page and a basic structure.

Given that this is very much a community effort I figured it’d be best to stop there and ask for, in the first instance:

-Feedback / alternatives for the front page in terms of text
-Feedback / alternatives for the different areas of the site (with suggestions for other areas)
-WordPress Theme suggestions (or ideas how we can make the existing theme nice – I quite like the new one for but don’t know if it’s available)
-Graphical representations of the name (a nonscholae or NonScholae or non scholae logo basically)

and most importantly:

-Hands up for contributors (basically this means that I’ll add you as an editor so you’ll be able to edit existing pages (like resources), post to the blog and all that… it also means that you’ll be included in future group email etc. discussions… I know some people that I’d just pop in as a matter of course but I thought I’d ask anyway)

After we’ve ironed that out I figure we can get to work on the real content and as that won’t be dependent on me it’ll probably happen a lot quicker :)

Please feedback and let me know through the comments or email.