Back and ready for 2006

As you’ll probably have guessed if you’re outside Aus it gets hot this side of the world about now and, surprise surprise, the damn smarties down here decided that that would be a good time for ‘summer’ holidays. So have been walking, eating good food, hanging out, kicking back and generally doing the holidays thing for the last few weeks… a la July/August up there in yon cold Northern climes.

So, you will by now totally understand (of course) why I haven’t got back to your email over the last few weeks and even moreso why it may just get deleted in the flurry of clearing up that’s going to take place today.

Apart from that though am back and raring to go, my 2006 wish-list is coming soon but for the meantime I’ll leave you with some abstract notion of surfing santas. Happy new year :)