Yet another facelift – stage 1

It’s redesign season! Here’s what seems to happen once every 6 months or so whenever I go for a facelift on this blog:

-I piss around for hours playing with bits and bobs
-Whack a load of time into it without ‘taking it for a test drive’
-Eventually get so tired with messing around that I just shove up any old crap… and then get depressed down the line and want to change it

So, decided to do it differently this time… a quick trip to incorporated subversion in the next month or so will find me playing with functionality, tweaking design and generally seeing how I can work this theme (K2) into something that feels like my own.

Here are some of the new gizmos for yer consideration:

-AJAX powered Livesearch (have a play it’s pretty cool!)
Gravatars for comments (I think I need a few more of you to sign up to make this work… as well as doing my one a bit better!)
-Gorgeous comment posting tool, just leave any old crap as a comment to this post and see what I mean!
Related posts on individual posts screens

I think I need to change colours, adapt the incsub logo to fit the blog and figure out a way that I can better highlight the various projects I’m involved in… perhaps.

Let me know what ya think. This is definitely the first step in a process and so I’m really after *critical* feedback!