Intellectual overload… ODLAA 2005 So far

Gordon Bennett! Quite a morning, down here in Adelaide, just a *little* bit of stimulation!

First up Denise Bradley is exactly the kind of VC that I want, then Terry Anderson… well, he’s Terry Anderson, what more can I say (and he’s using Elgg… talk about a positive convergence of minds!!!)

Follow that with Paul McKey of Redbean (that’s him on the front :) and the one and only Tony Bates and this is about the best first day of a conference that I can remember… the quality of the people here is bloody amazing.

Add that to a fantastic pick up from the airport, great food & wine, hugely interesting conversation (which remembering woke me up at 4.30am and stopped me from going to sleep again – gah) and pre-tuning the guitar to G from Mike Seyfang of LearnDog and I’m having a pretty neat few days.

Lots of stuff peculating, at risk of having some sort of cranial explosion… sod it, will get some more coffee.