WPMU themes & Signup Workround

Hmmm, still haven’t quite got the WMPU upgrade working but Donncha has put a bunch of WPMU templates up which I’ve installed so… yourIncSub Blog can now look as pretty as you like!

In answer to D’Arcy’s question about how I’ve set up the registeration page, it goes something like this:

1. Once WPMU is installed get the alpha registration page from here and stick it in wp-inst

2. Now create a page called something like register.php also in wp-inst and deck it out exactly how you like (mine is just a centred CSS image :o) and then pop something like this in (you’ll have to select and source code until someone tells me the markup I need to display html here… ladeda):


2 replies on “WPMU themes & Signup Workround”

  1. Congratulations in your efforts to offer these services to the community. I have been trying to install wpmu in my server without luck. The instructions that I have found are not very helpful. Do you know if any one has written a 1,2 ,3 instructions for WPMU?

  2. It’s pretty tricky at the mo unless you’ve got a vague understanding of file access (CHMODing)… which I certainly didn’t a year ago… alsi\ the .htaccess stuff is a bit tricky too (and I don’t really inderstand that yet).

    I’m still following the instructions in the download… could be useful to have another guide tho, maybe if a week or so frees itself up :D

    Cheers, James

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