IncSub Blogs now Strayhorn

Yay, IncSub blogs are now Strayhorn… there’s a small difference in the menu tabs between the individual and the wpmu install but the functionality is still the same giving you excellent control over comments and a heap of other stuff.

Here are a couple of cracking IncSub bloggers too:

In the Bungelow – Lindon Parker on technology, building your own music studio, pinhole cameras and other stuff – catch him before he disappears again ;o)

Mr Blake’s Class Blog – Online learning, gadgets, technology and stuff from a K12 angle… from a pioneer in the area.

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  1. Themes really add a professional touch to the Blogs. I thought it was interesting Lindon Parker and I basically have the same theme. It is ok with me, noticed that Lindon deleted the ink pen image from the banner. I have not figured out how to do that yet, I would like to include images from my classroom. I would also like to include images from my Flickr account. Anyone know how to do this in WP?

  2. Hi John, The truth is I was trying to get my “bungelow” image into the blog, whcih isnt working and thus removed the ink-pen image…Getting images inot the template(rather than posts) is frustrating iat least. If I understood the directory structure being used by James I think we’d all have a better chance. But he’s proving to be on a learning curve himself, so we’ll have to wait…

  3. heh, learning all the way, lifelong learner me :o)

    Flickr: Something to do with using the Blogger API: Am not a Flickr user so can’t try this myself, tell me if it makes any sense.

    Images: v.v.v. basic, just go to Manage > Files and pop in an img src or whatever… am sure you could customise this to your hearts content using the css file as well.


    Again it says there’s been an error but in fact you’re doing just fine…

    How does this sound?

    Chars, james

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