WordPress Multi User (WMU)

This is very cool and has much much potential:

“Using WordPress Multi-user edition you will be able to [have] people be able to sign up for a new blog and have them securely manage their templates and settings without affecting any other users. Only one blog per user is allowed, but you can have unlimited users, and you can have multiple users on a single blog.”

So much potential, has anyone set up one of these we could try out… in education? I’m gonna have a crack but I think it’s beyond me… we shall see.

2 replies on “WordPress Multi User (WMU)”

  1. I may take a run at it. I’ve been running my hand-rolled version of this since last summer (a href=”http://schoolof.info”>Schoolof.Info), and I’m pretty happy with how it’s working for me, but I would probably benefit from the improved security, etc., from a less cobbled together approach.

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