Holy Shit I’ve Done It…

Well, that was something I wouldn’t have been able to do a few months back I can tell you, come and check out my multiple-user WordPress Blog system WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! – If I had a tune I’d dance to it :D

What you want to do is go here and give yourself a file ID http://incsub.org/wpmu/xxxx.

Then you’ll be asked to choose a blog name and pop in your email.

And then you’re there, you have your own brand new state of the art WordPress blog and you can do whatever you blinkin well like with it!!!


So please y’all, wander over to the registration page and have a play around.. you can even edit the template, the style sheet, the whatever you bloody want.

Donncha O Caoimh I’d like to buy you a beer! This is going to change things!

[am already playing too… seems like themes need to be modiufied to work in this, will pop some in as soon as I (or someone else) figures out how to do this though]

10 replies on “Holy Shit I’ve Done It…”

  1. Bloody brilliant! I have been trying to get something like this working, but this just works!!! Of course, I will be e-mailing or skyping you if I have any difficulties. ;^)

  2. Well done James. It would be good if someone could provide some basic documentation of the WordPressMU installation and configuration process, along with any gotachas! to avoid. This would save us all reinventing the wheel. Any chance you could start the process? :)

  3. It took a few trys, but I finally have wpmu working with the registration page. I’ve been working on a blog site for “World of Warcraft”. You can check it out if you want at:
    feel free to play around with it and if anyone has any questions about the install etc, I’ll be happy to help if I can.

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