The Edublog Awards 2005!!!

Josie has been kind enough to take over the edublog awards this year and has gone into overdrive with the nominations, these are the categories:

* Most innovative edublogging project, service or programme
* Best newcomer
* Most influential post, resource or presentation
* Best designed/most beautiful edublog
* Best library/librarian blog
* Best teacher blog
* Best audio and/or visual blog
* Best example/ case study of use of weblogs within teaching and learning
* Best group blog
* Best individual blog

There will also be a Best of the Best award, which will be open to all winners of the 2005 Edublog Award Categories.

What I love about this so far is that Josie is taking a completely different tack to me… nominations are not to be public this year so you’ve got to email them to
… so get cracking, you’ve not got long.

That is, unless, you’re not an edublogger in which case you can’t nominate (which is interesting!)… need I mention that of course, if you want to be an edublogger… just step on over to and you can become one in less than a minute :)

So, go on, get nominating… and if you can post about it then that’d be v. cool too, the more people we get nominating the more representative the results will be! This is the link to the 2005 category.