Technotati Tags: “Post” “about” “Technorati” “Tags”

Via Full-Circle, I ran into this (Kubrick at Blogspot!) introduction and overview to Technorati tags which is nothing if not comprehensive.

Problem is that I still don’t get it… even with photo / audio / video stuff all you really need is for them to be titled well and in context and you’ve got tags-a-plenty, when it comes to blog posts, well… isn’t it fairly obvious?

I mean, I can’t help but notice that some blogs I really like have introduced TTs and I read the post, look at the tags and go ‘well, duh, you’ve already used all those words in your post’. OK, so I can go to the Technorati tag page and look at postings by tag but so what, why don’t I just run a search through Feedster or Bloglines?

Plus, and this comes for a recent odd experience subscribing to a watchlists too, they’re all totally out of date / mixed up. For example I looked at the ‘Blog’ tag today (March 10th) and just down the list is this:


Which leads to this article which is obviously from February 19th… eh?

Don’t get me wrong I think that Technorati is a great idea and playing around with tags and stuff is well worth it for the experimenting but if the basic system doesn’t work then you can be as good an idea as you want!