subverted links

  • FeedWordPress
    Or we could try to use this?
  • feed on feeds – about
    This is another cool aggregating tool. I need to figure out how I can get it to trawl a particular site looking for feeds though (i.e. automatically adding wpmu feeds to a river-of news for that particular install)
  • The Podcast Network :: The Personal Productivity Show
    Definitely a podcats that I could do with listening to. I go in and out of mindmanager joy… when it has an effective export to blog function I reckon that’l;l be the time to move in!
  • Starting Common Craft
    Great account of going out on your own – "Yesterday I realized that I went all day without wearing pants. It didn’t even occur to me until Sachiko came home and picked on me for wearing boxers. I guess i have truly entered the world of working from home and I like it" :o)
  • NevOn: TypePad blogs to get spam-fighting features
    Funny.. typepad is soooo soooo far behind WordPress. When did it happen that MT got overtaken so badly and why aren’t they doing anything about it?