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    Starting Common Craft

    Great account of going out on your own – "Yesterday I realized that I went all day without wearing pants. It didn’t even occur to me until Sachiko came home and picked on me for wearing boxers. I guess i have truly entered the world of working from home and I like it" :o)

  • NevOn: TypePad blogs to get spam-fighting features

    Funny.. typepad is soooo soooo far behind WordPress. When did it happen that MT got overtaken so badly and why aren’t they doing anything about it?

  • Jots
    This is the tool I’m using for this linking process, I likes it so far rather a lot! Hmmm… I don’t think that WPMU has xmlrpc, must ask. Turns out it does… hurrah… and Jots has let me back into this bookmark to edit before it was posted… coolio eh!
  • Introduction to Social Network Methods: Table of Contents

    I hate textbooks but this one looks like it should be one I actually read…. perhaps, eventually.


    Damn good idea, will be one I’m pushing, thanks Harold… now whatwas that ‘operating system on a CD’ thing I read about the other day… these aren’t the same thing are they?

  • Less Options Equal More Click II ยป Work Boxers

    Keeping up with the idea that better cashflow usually equals better design, scrivs describes the effect of his minimalist approach… must read